New dutchwest 2479 where does firebrick go

Question on crumbling refractory cement on a Dutchwest 2479

Page 30: All of the installation characteristics that adversely affect chimney draft also promote creosote condensation. Ashes should be placed outdoors in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. Horizontal Flue Collar shields: Not shown, but now you need to figure out how much castable refractory mix you need. Secure each joint between sections of chimney connector, including telescoping joints, with at least three sheet metal screws.

Non Catalytic Wood Burning Dutchwest Monessen Stove 2477, 2478, 2479

The second attempt was a breeze using this method. When first using the stove, keep a record of the results you achieve from different control settings. Any parts repaired or replaced during the limited warranty period will be warranted under the terms of the limited warranty for a period not to exceed the remaining term of the original limited warranty or six 6 months, whichever is longer.

Use a flashlight and mirror to sight up the flue through the chimney clean-out door or chimney connector inspection tee. If your stove backpuffs, open the damper to let the smoke rise to the flue more quickly. Longer runs can cool the smoke enough to cause draft and creosote problems. I give her a lot of credit, I didn't think she would.

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Because heat passes readily through brick or concrete, it can easily pass through to the wood. First you need castable refractory with insulating properties. Nature of the defect or damage. Step 4. Remove the old gasket by pulling gently, but firmly. It then passes through the fireplace damper opening and smoke chamber and connects to the chimney flue. Follow all instructions exactly, and do not allow makeshift compromises to endanger property and personal safety.

Dutchwest Large Cast Non Catalytic

Your local building official is the final authority for approving your installation as safe and for determining that it meets local and state codes. Enter text from picture: Do not use galvanized chimney connector; it cannot withstand the high temperatures that can be reached by smoke and exhaust gases and it may release toxic fumes under high heat.

These are not clearance distances. The other parts of the system will affect how well the stove works. Here's the link: Avoid using sional log to the fire. The rub is that the hole is the top of a "box".