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The sweeping sheer, the shapely wineglass transom, and the almost-plumb bow made the Penobscot 17 look like it was designed a century ago. Elliott Arons The gunter rig requires standing rigging—a forestay to a stemhead fitting and shrouds to the forward pair of oarlocks—but both the schooner and the ketch rig have freestanding masts.

Paddling took us where we wanted to go, but on some days when a breeze came up and we were fighting headwinds home, I started to think about a larger boat, one that would sail well to weather and would row easily when the wind died.

The Penobscot really excels while cruising among small islands.

And always wear a life vest so when you flip the boat… Good luck with it. Register Now. Quote message in reply? Which one is your boat?

He makes his home in Barrington Hills, Illinois, where he works in communications and advertising. I recommend okoume or meranti plywood. Trackbacks are On. The epoxy kit comes from System Three Resins, and provides you with all the resin, hardener, additives, measuring pumps, fiberglass cloth, brushes, gloves, and other items, that you will need.

Gunter rig 132 sq ft Ketch 118 sq ft Schooner 139 sq ft. Includes a set of the six bulkheads that give the boat her shape, with the transom, and two-part stem, beveled and ready to set up on the building jig. I look forward to introducing her to her sailing heritage after having been garaged for the past decade!

I did capsize moving along down wind and then jibing, she rolled over pretty quick. Add Thread to del. The side benches and thwarts, all on the same plane, provide unlimited seating options and an easy conversion to a roomy sleeping platform.

Penobscot 17

And a real head turner. I like the idea of putting the boom to the right while rowing. Depending on angle and make-up of the beach as well as tide heights, it could be harder to pull her around on shore. Please note: Digg this Thread! Forum Rules.

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About LinkBacks. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. They come from World Panel Products, Inc. My advice to a new builder would be to be careful that the material for the centerboard are dry and use several—three to five—pieces glued up to make the full width.