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Thousands of unionised security workers across the country began a three-day strike after compensation and benefits negotiations between employer and employee unions broke down last week.

snow how finavia helsinki

Royal flowers for Finnish boy in Thai stray dog attack 23. Consumers importing more snus than cigarettes, survey says 22.

Only 3 out of 10 urban areas will see population growth 23. A law change permitting stronger drinks to be sold in grocery stores and other shops helped to triple the sales of long drink alcopops last year.

Helsinki-Vantaan Aukio avautuu - Finavia

HMD unveils Nokia flagship smartphone with five cameras 25. Time is running out: Monday's papers: Finavia's operations manager Jani Ceder said there was no significant congestion at Helsinki Airport Wednesday morning, the first of a three-day strike by security staff members. Muualla Yle.

snow how finavia helsinki

Video Watch: Finavia updates emergency evacuation plans at all Finnish airports 26. Finavia is not a participant of the strike, the company said in the release.

snow how finavia helsinki

Tuesday's papers: Finland's "dildo dealer" defends state funding. Unvaccinated child linked to Espoo shopping centre measles scare 20.

snow how finavia helsinki

Temperatures in Northern Finland to soar 40 degrees in one day 22. Spring on the way?


Professors vs minister, polling analysis and a Bolivian ski star 20. Citizens' initiative for free upper secondary materials rejected over "wrong word" 26.

snow how finavia helsinki

Consumer protection agency issues warning over ticket reseller Viagogo.