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LeBron James wears rare pair of vintage LeBron 7 sneakers for return to Cleveland

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With influences stemming from classic soul and Motown, and touching on old school jazz and blues, Rose describes the writing process as a pretty smooth affair. About Our Vision is to raise up a new generation of believers that are known for their love for Jesus and passionate about using their gifts to share the Gospel.

So draw your attention to who we believe have captured that star quality. To set up a love shack in between your ears and rent out your mind for the entire duration of both live set and the collection of hazy psych-rock, flying with wings of psychedelic blues and big, harmonic rock album 2 proves that these guys aim to not be neglected.

Watch this space. And this interview is interrupted twice because of fans leaving and for reminders of phone interviews from the States he has to do later. Calling all customisers, graffiti artists, doodlers and daydreamers. Eventually I got pretty deep into free jazz - Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, guys like that.