What causes pink stains in toilet

what causes pink stains in toilet

Our Online Coupons. For harder to remove stains you can use regular household bleach and a soft bristle cleaning brush to gently scrub the affected area.

Poor water quality causes a variety of different issues around your home. Avoid being too aggressive with cleaning solutions or abrasive methods — please exercise caution. For hard-to-reach areas, try an old toothbrush dipped in chlorine bleach, being careful of course to wear gloves and protect your eyes from the harsh chemical.

What Causes Pink Stains On Toilets and Bathtubs?

Learn More. Pink bathroom stains are fairly common. Bleach should not be left in the toilet tank for prolonged periods, however, as it will damage the rubber seals and valves inside.

what causes pink stains in toilet

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How to get rid of pink stains in your toilet

This scratches the porcelain and creates more surface area for the bacteria to breed at the surface of the water, and should be avoided. However, where water stands long enough for the residual chlorine disinfectant to dissipate, such as a toilet in a guest bathroom, or on a shower curtain, the pink color may develop. Once established, Serratia is difficult to eliminate entirely. Use care with any abrasives to avoid scratching a fixture or surface, which will raise the likelihood of bacterial growth.

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what causes pink stains in toilet

What's the most affordable way to clean? These types of stains start out more red and fade to a pinkish color.

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Rust-Stained Clothes? Our 5 star reviews Our goal is to provide a 5 star experience. Why does a pink stain keep appearing in my sink?