What do slug eater snakes eat

She sat when I told her too, about a metre from the cobra, and then she ran off to the grass when I told her - very lucky.

Common Slug-eater

Slate-blue eyes glared from its small head. Green Water Snake. When I kept sluggies: Sign up to have our free monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox: Although these snakes have just been discovered, Arteaga says four out of the five species are already at risk of extinction from deforestation and human encroachment.

what do slug eater snakes eat

By Elaina Zachos. Louis van Niekerk For more info and pics about this snake and other snakes of South Africa, please visit my Facebook group at: I am interested in the population studies including life span, death rate, birth rate, feeding frequency. The Slug-eater favours damp localities in the eastern half of South Africa.

Then it glided underground and... The post is by Greg Morgan. But typically them would take 2 in one sitting from my experience. Vine Snake. There is about 2 metres above ground. This snake can be found almost through the whole country of South Africa, except for the northern part of the Western Cape and the dry parts of the North West. But as rain poured down on the drive back to camp, Arteaga, a Ph. Regards, H.


Its slender, pale yellow body was covered in rust-and-black splotches. View Gallery.

what do slug eater snakes eat

Western Striped-Bellied Sand Snake. Common Slug-eater Duberria lutrix lutrix Other Names: After a long night of searching for snakes in Ecuador, Alejandro Arteaga and his team of researchers got ready to retire. It also has the ability to secrete a bad odour through its scent glands.

It feeds exclusively on snails and slugs and locates them by following the slime trail. This is a non venomous snake, it does not have fangs, but very small backward facing serrations on the jaw. Includes first aid information, snake identification features, snake removals information, free information posters, and more. Get our Free App. Life is but a glimpse of triumph amongst incomprehensible failure.

what do slug eater snakes eat

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