What does blanket statement mean

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what does blanket statement mean

It's almost idiomatic. An example "All people with black as their skin color were born in Africa". It's hot air.

blanket statement/rule/ban etc

Is the word "homophobic" yet another liberal invention? There is an implication when using "blanket statement" that it may be an over-generalization. Report Abuse. It means a generalized statement. Source s: Can you paraphrase this sentence please?

What are "disagrees"?

However, to say all terrorists are Muslims is not. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

what does blanket statement mean

There are always exceptions. Existing questions. Another example would be to say, "Everyone hates her". Alejandro Veltri Alejandro Veltri 534 3 11 25. Why are blanket statements made?

what does blanket statement mean

What does blanket statement mean? Spelman, spielman, spellman,spillman?

What does blanket statement mean?

A blanket hides eveything under it, so a blanket statement hides so much that it actually says nothing. A blanket statement is one which makes a generalisation without defining any limits for its application. Related 2. I couldn't find its meaning anywhere, what does blanket rationale mean?

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what does blanket statement mean