What happened gif tumblr headers

By default, layout is set to masonry. Dear Stella, How do you make a link to your selfies on the iPhone?

You can also change name of menu element containing image dropdown by using "Image dropdown menu label". To the anon who was asking how to post a gif on iPhone, just save the gif you want from the Internet. Old style header have aditional variant with fullscreen header image.

He has produced a wide variety of technical documentation, including detailed programming specifications and research papers. Search Glass x.

Can You Use Animated Headers on Tumblr?

Blog title and captions can be hard to read on some background images so you can use header overlay to change brightness of background images. Menu can be "pinned" with "Pinned navigation" option, which makes it always vissiable on the top of the page. If you prefere to use image instead of simple text upload your logo with "Blog logo" and turn ON "Use blog logo" option.

what happened gif tumblr headers

To enable Instagram feed you need to type in your valid Instagram access token to "Instagram access token" option. You can change font used for caption by "Font for header captions" option. In 'Grid layout' it determines width and height for default square post.

Click the name of the blog to edit.

Gallery Header GIF

Browse to and click the animated GIF to upload. Instructions how to set up this menu in FAQ section - here.

what happened gif tumblr headers

You can use font from Google webfont service http: To use this menu turn on "Menu show image links dropdown" option, then set up links inside. When the file is finished uploading, the Clear button appears next to the Upload button.

what happened gif tumblr headers

If you are adding button don't forget to type text for the button by using "Call to action button text" option. For that use "Header image caption [1-10]. There are two options for sidebar pinning. Randall lives and works in Austin, TX. Theme Making is Easy!

Elise Theme

You can have up to ten header images. Then, go on the tumblr pen icon. Don't turn ON "Use blog logo" opion if you don't intend to upload any image, otherwise blog title will not be visble. You can turn on this icons with "Sidebar show social links" option. So at maximum you can have 24 links in this drop-down menu. That should work!