What is android sdk content loader

How can we speed up the Android emulator? Great, thanks.

'Android SDK Content Loader' has encountered a problem - parseSdkContent failed

I downloaded a zip file from this link: Once completed all processes, shutdown Eclipse. Like ScottW, Eclipse didn't like this. The site warned me not to leave this as an answer and I don't have enough rep to add a comment, so I'm doing a new post. Hello all, I need to do some simple project for school in java eclipse...

Android SDK: when Eclipse hangs on “Resolving error markers” or “Android SDK Content Loader”

But this solution fix the problem permanently. My workaround was to tether my work laptop to my phone WiFi hotspot when I started up Eclipse so it could bypass the work proxy, then use the normal work network after that.

what is android sdk content loader

Another solution is to clean up project-specific meta data directories which are stored under your workspace directory. Permanent Link. All the above solutions didn't work for me. In eclipse Under Problems Tab check errors- You might see the unable to delete file and project path name.

what is android sdk content loader

Enter your email address below, and we will deliver our Linux posts straight to your email box, for free. For a Linux environment, I made a alias to take care of most of these as they happened overtime. What I've already tried: Displaced Hoser Displaced Hoser 431 2 8 28.

macos for developers - Eclipse hangs at the Android SDK Content Loader

This worked for me too. Make sure that eclipse is not active. For eclipse -clean command first you have to select path of eclipse folder where you have placed. If so, kill the adb process, and restart Eclipse.

What can I do to find out about the source of these problems and get back to a nice and clean state?

what is android sdk content loader

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