What is the balloon sinus surgery

Balloon Sinus Dilation FAQ’s

Balloon Sinus Dilation Click on image to expand. Your doctor will flush out built-up pus and mucus in the sinus cavity with a saline solution. Retrieved from http: Ladue Location 1588 S.

The greatest potential complication is intracranial complications.

what is the balloon sinus surgery

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What you should know about balloon sinuplasty

As a result of his extensive training initiatives, he is recognized as a National Center of Excellence. With the exception of a few insurance plans, the vast majority of insurance companies cover BSD. A newly developed state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that is cost-effective and easy to make can detect the presence of cancer in the tiniest drop of blood.

Most patients return to normal activities the next day and only need to take off work the day of the procedure. Balloon sinuplasty cost. Healthline Media, Inc.

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To relieve discomfort from drainage, sleep with your head elevated. Balloon sinuplasty is fairly straightforward, and reported complications are minimal.

what is the balloon sinus surgery

These participants were also symptom-free during follow-ups in the year after their surgery. Call Now: This content requires JavaScript to be enabled. Inflation of the balloon Once the balloon is firmly in place; your ear, nose and throat specialist should inflate the item to open and widen your inflamed sinus.

Balloon Sinus Dilation

Risks Procedure Costs Recovery. Register take the tour. There are many success stories from patients who have had the Balloon Sinus Dilation Procedure.

what is the balloon sinus surgery

Well, balloon sinus surgery is a popular choice because it helps to open the sinuses safely and effectively. Request an Appointment. The out-of-pocket costs and medical approval process associated with each sinuplasty depends on an individual's plan and case, the severity of symptoms, and whether or not their condition improved with other, less invasive medical therapies. The balloon is positioned in the opening of the sinus, dilated, deflated and removed. This makes for minimal recovery time.

The procedure was most commonly performed in the operating room or surgery centers.