What records are worth something

Here are some records that you may have or used to have that are worth way more than their original sticker price.

what records are worth something

Kestrel — Kestrel: The first major group to eschew singles, Led Zeppelin insisted that fans buy whole albums if they wanted to listen to them. Have a root around your collection for an original copy of the so-called White Album, which will have a gatefold cover opening at the top , a printed number the lower the better and the original Apple logo.

Top 5 Rarest/Most Valuable Vinyl Records

Infused with groovy melodies and blissful harmonies, this album by acid folk duo Agincourt is highly regarded by fans of the genre. Tom Petty — Wildflowers Warner Bros.

what records are worth something

The extremely rare LP was released in very limited numbers by Decca back in 1971. This psychedelic progressive rock album has been voted the number one most collectable rock record of all time by Q Magazine.

Vinyl Records Value – What Are Your Records Worth?

Seasoned producer Wil Malone has worked with everyone from Black Sabbath to Massive Attack, but before the Londoner devoted himself to making other artist's records, he released this eponymous album. In Bulgaria, death was a cause for celebration!

what records are worth something

One of the rarest British psychedelic rock albums, Odessey and Oracle was released in 1968, and while it wasn't especially popular at the time, the LP is now a cult classic. Mono, Stereo, first pressing, second pressing, and so on. You just need to figure out which ones are sought after by collectors.

The most valuable vinyl records on Earth

George Michael — Older: Home Theater Hi-res streaming audio service Qobuz arrives in U. The BBC Sessions, released in 1997, includes many previously unreleased recordings.

what records are worth something

Mint copies from the initial pressing command the highest prices. Posted 5 days ago — By Lucas Coll. Herodotus had this to say about India: Z's epic concept album was barely released in 1971.

what records are worth something