Who won biggest loser singles australia 2012

who won biggest loser singles australia 2012

Great finale — i really enjoyed this season, stronger than the last couple — still compelling and emotional television. I was disappointed in you when you decided to vote our Selena but you grew on me as time went on.

who won biggest loser singles australia 2012

And well done to Alex. Besides responsibility for not winning lies on him alone. Overall, Cummins lost more than 73kg to drop from 159.

Margie wins big after taking out The Biggest Loser

Congratulations to Margie on winning The Biggest Loser title. Eliminated Ryan still has goals Second chance not wasted on Selena Hamish leaves with head held high Selena happy to be a student again Biggest Loser lovebirds separated Penalty sends Lisa packing Show More. Margie obviously put in just a bit more hard work. One avenue open to her is being a motivational speaker for other people wanting to lose weight, while the least likely path is reopening a fast-food outlet.

Biggest Loser champion Margie Cummins also a winner in the love stakes

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Maybe even Jillian and Bob? And he looked great too And it was good to see Shane, Simon and Graham doing well in their weight loss journeys.

Before entering the weight-loss show, Cummins sold off her pizza restaurant, leaving her unemployed.

Loser eviction a blessing in disguise

Tbl will def be back next yr, Ten always signs up a decent amount of sponsers for this show and plus it is a massive amount of tv time to replace, 4. Click here to cancel reply.

who won biggest loser singles australia 2012

I think that would be a great idea. This post updates. A well deserved win. Well done Margie.