Who would you rather jkfilms julia

Yeah but now she's no longer on jkn, jkf died and she doesn't have a vlog channel. Submit a new text post.

who would you rather jkfilms julia

Until a year or two ago she basically was in every single JK video. She also had the most views out of the JK crew a while back on the Steebeeweebee show Bobby Lee's brother. She was featured in a recent Barbell Brigade video.

Would be funny as fuck if the whole JK crew quit went off and made their own channel though. Julia's popularity keeps surging self. Seems like there must've been a falling out: Calling her slow, bringing up her gay sibling, talking about how boyish she looked etc.

who would you rather jkfilms julia

Some sort of course where they can learn to speak a bit better. They should really use her to her full potential jk.

I really preferred her on jkn rather than tiff! Tiff struggles to get words out of her mouth in every single episode. Most of them left also bc barbell started focusing more on their retarded apparel that nobody likes rather than focus on the energy of the gym. I think people appreciate that she is very nice and not bitter or complaining all the fucking time.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The blue punky boy cut did not represent her cute sweet image thus the rejection. Create an account. For example, Churro exposes barbell for not paying their employees equally, but then bb could respond with "you slept on the job".

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who would you rather jkfilms julia

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