Wi election today who wins

Election Results

The bad news for Trump comes in the essential states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, three traditionally blue states which narrowly broke for him in 2016. City turnout a big winner, GOP recount rules big loser. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers defeats Scott Walker in Wisconsin's governor's race. Just before the race was called for Evers, Lt.

Here’s Who Would’ve Won If the Midterms Were a Presidential Election

Cloudy skies early, followed by partial clearing. Godlewski Sarah Godlewski. Wednesday after The Associated Press declared him the winner with almost all precincts reporting.

wi election today who wins

Kaul Josh Kaul. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018

Continue reading your article with a digital subscription. Otherwise the composition of the Assembly remained unchanged.

wi election today who wins

Rebecca Kleefisch leaves the stage after speaking at an election night event Wednesday, Nov. Tommy Thompson in 2012. Sign up! Indeed, it was. Wisconsin Elections 2018. State law triggers a free recount of the results if the margin between the candidates is 0.

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Scott Walker. No more.

wi election today who wins

His eight years in office have been marked by tax reductions, an improving economy and heavily protested cuts to the power of labor unions. Republicans gained back a Senate seat in a district they had lost during a special election over the summer.

But it takes more than that to win a congressional seat.

wi election today who wins

Senate Candidate Party Votes Pct. The correct quote was: But when those ballots finally were reported they showed Evers with a lead of more than 1 percentage point.